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Friday, October 29, 2010

A memoir of a guy who had done epi-lasik (kisah seorang lelaki comel yang dah buat epi-lasik) part 1

My oh my, finally i done it! after waitin for several years collecting and saving money, it was done on 28 Oct 2010 for less than 20 mins (the surgery) for both eyes.  though my power is not much but my astig is way too high.  the cost for the surgery is equivalent to 90% of 2 months of my salary, but i guess it's worth it.

today (29 Oct 2010), i'm gonna tell you the journey throughout the whole process until i am fully recover and enjoying the bright and clear eyesight.  i am warning you though, this memoir or mumbling post gonna be lengthy and i'm myself not sure how long it gonna be and it might frighten you, be boring and it will be bilingual whenever i feel like to do so.  so, you may leave at once while you still got the chance, and today, with blur and hazy like vision, i am writing this memoir here in my blog.  

it was all began in 2005 or 2006.  i was so fed up by wearing glasses.  during that time, i was like a tube of car's wheel, sometime full and sometime flat (kekadang aku kurus dan kekadang aku gemok lah).  so wearing glasses was so irritating because the frame got to be adjustable and my nose is totally like a squash pea definitely not a pleasant site to be looked with glasses.  everybody wear their glasses straight right on their eyes, while me, every 5-6 minutes wear it right above my nose trill.

i'm so pissed off. i have to find other alternative.  then i chose to wear contact lens.   though it is not cheap for me because my astigmatism is to high but my power isn't.  and my eyes can't tolerate with the contact because it make my eyes dry and red.  it really really really annoying me.

after doing some deep thinking, praying to my almighty god, meditating like yoda and doing some calculation, my expenditure is about RM1,000.00 for a year just to wear contact lens.  tak bole jadi ini macam, even though i did not throw RM1k at once, i feel like there must be something worth to spend RM1k comfortably.

from that moment, lasik has come to my mind but damn it was so expensive here in malaysia.  saving punya saving, the cost of lasik surgery still wasn't cheap.  i end up buying clothes, going on vacation etc...

i was wearing glasses on and off with contact lens because my lens cost me about RM160 for one month.  for a guy who earn 0.2% of obama's clerk salary, it was to pricey for me until one day in late september 2010 the weather was so unstable and i can't tolerate with the heat and rain because it was so annoying wearing glasses or lens - it making me dizzy during the heat and my eyes starting to itch every time it's raining, well it's definitely time for lasik no matter what!

i went for the first check up last three weeks and managed to set the 2nd check up a week before my lasik surgery.  Even though it was so expensive for me, but for my own good and considering the amount i have to spend RM1k every year, plus with my little savings, i rest my case-i am going for lasik! 

to be continued.........

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