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Saturday, October 30, 2010

A memoir of a guy who had done epi-lasik (kisah seorang lelaki comel yang dah buat epi-lasik) part 2

i went for the first check up, the examiner explained to me briefly about lasik and etc....during that day, she told me that she can't get the accurate measurement because i have not to wear contact at least a week plus, so i had to return for the next full check up then they will decide when is the right day for the surgery.  so i had to berpantang one week from wearing contacts and i tell you aaa, it's not a picnic! rasa mcm totally give up nak buat lasik.

rimas dgn cuaca panas, sweats coming in my eyes...my glass every two minutes terletak cantik atas lubang idung. arggghhhhh....sangat2 tension!  pejam celik-pejam celik tiba masa to do the full check up.  my surgery is ready for another week which was on the 28 Oct 2010.  apa punya malang atau dugaan, lot of things urgently occurred  in the office.  kelam kabut dibuatnya coz i'm trying to get it done before i'm on medical leave.  tapi still not managed to settle everything in da office. but what to do, the appointment for the surgery has been fixed and kalau tukar lagi, mau jadi gila dan entah bila bole buat since it's a 'pakar' punya tempat.  had to be selfish for once. 

during the final check up, the examiner told me that i have to do the most expensive surgery since my eye condition is not advisable to do the cheap one. well, keringkan hati dan tabahkan diri, i accept the offer.  takpe lah...duit bole cari lagi insyallah.

on the final check up, they dilated my pupils. that day i was badly short sighted.  can't even see any sms right in front of me, can't even watch TV and i was driving back home at 40-50km/h.  normally it would take 20 minutes for me to reach home, but that day it was more than 50 minutes.  luckily i arrived home safe and straight to bed.  i was awarded with two days medical leave and on the 3rd day was the surgery day.

on the surgery day, i have to ask a good friend of mine to drive me there and back home safely and he did invite another of good friend of mine to chaperon me.  and that day also i was scolded by someone from my office and everything seems so urgent like it's the end of the world, everybody in da office need me there.  what to do? i cant even see clearly and im already in d prep room waiting for my surgery.  i didnt purposely left everything in da office unattended and every urgent things happened pun bukannya planned by me...so dengan hati yang tak seronok, with unhappy, no nervous feeling at all, i went through the surgery procedure.

to be continued.......


  1. lawaklah comment by Janggut Ciput nih. ahahahaahah

  2. tampo kang si janggut nih...

    kak iena, jangan layan mamat sewel tu. lalalalalala

  3. kak iena tak abis2 gambar ngan bunga tu bila nak tukar..cepat la abis citer ni..! =P