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Thursday, October 21, 2010

To pengat or not pengat

Insyallah, if my apartment's water supply wasn't disconnect this weekend and kesanggupan dan kejituan semangat diri ku meninggi, i'm planning to cook my favorite dessert (ya allah, berikanlah hamba mu ini kekuatan dan semangat jati diri yang tinggi!) which is 'Pengat pisang' (banana pengat?).  here is my own recipe for it.  caution: don't sue me if my recipe is similar like yours, causing death or hallucination or maybe will gain you more than 1kg.
not my pengat. pic taken from d internet

Pengat Pisang BroBani

  • 6 or more or less bananas (who cares! as long not banana boat sun tan lotion) any type and ripe!
  • brown sugar/malacca sugar (gula melaka lah) but no regular or synthetic sugar.  or if u think you're sweet enough (kononnya la kan) you still need those sugars that i have mentioned.  level of sweetness totally depends on you
  • coconut milk (no breast milk, milkmaid or any other milk!) a small box instant coconut milk will do if you like yours to be organic, fresh...squeeze the milk from the grated coconut. One coconut is enough
  • two or 3 screw pine leaves - pandan leaves (if you want to use screw, go ahead...it's your invention and u are showing your innovative skills.  if you planning to make 'bunga rampai' by all means please get it more as u please)
  • sago seeds (optional)
how to cook BroBani's style!

first, smile! show that you are sincere in cooking this recipe. otherwise just throw all the ingredients or get somebody else to cook or just go and buy this pengat at any stalls if u managed to find one and please notify me!  ok ok, cut the banana according to your prefer size.  some like it short and some like it long...(stop imagining banana size OK!).  heat your pot and pour the coconut milk in it not on the floor. 

when you see your coconut milk is starting to boil, throw the non synthetic sugar in it.  when the sugar is mixed with the coconut milk, throw the pondan pandan leaves in it until it become aromatic. now, this is the best part, throw d bananas in it along with your 'shanana shanana na na' singing.  when you see the bananas are about to be mushy, your pengat is ready to eat.

you might notice that i haven't use the sago seed.  can't u read! i said it's optional. so sukati la aku nak guna atau tak kan. but if you wanna use the sago seed, you can immediately put it together with the coconut milk.  but make sure the sago seed evolved like frog eggs before you throw anything in it.

happy cooking!!!!


  1. i wish i can taste ur Pengat Pisang
    kalu sedap bole jadi partner berniaga kat Bazar Ramadhan
    lalalalalala :p

  2. uit boleh lah share this resepi dalm website sy ye...gamabr tak deyg cantik sikit..ker?

  3. gambo tunggu la yg real jika terbuka pintu hati dan kerajinan disulami jati diri yg tinggi utk memasak lalalalalala

  4. Nak wat pengat jek...tapi dia punya bebel..adoiiiiiyaiiiii!:P

  5. lin..hepppp....babab kang lalalalala